Cosmetic Packaging Design

Date:Nov 08, 2018

A successful package design not only requires consumers to pay attention to and interest in the product through the use of box type, color, pattern, craft and material, but also enables consumers to clearly understand the product itself through the package. Because the purpose of people buying is not the packaging, but the product inside the box.

There are many ways to accurately convey product information: 1. Use a fully transparent package, 2. Open a window on a packaging container to display the product, 3. Draw a product graphic on the package, 4. Make a concise text on the package,5, printing colored product photos on the packaging, and so on.


The shape of the cosmetic packaging box design mainly includes the outer box packaging, the description materials, the packaging material and the like. According to the requirements of the market, the following requirements are put forward for the design of cosmetic packaging:

1. The middle box should be clean, straight and flat. 

2. The product has no error loading, missing loading and flipping. 

3. box head (post) should be correct, clear, complete, and have the name, quantity, factory name and other signs.


Finally, the positioning strategy of packaging design innovation is proposed. That is to grasp the orientation of consumer culture, attach importance to the establishment of brand culture, correctly treat national culture and foreign culture, and inject green culture concepts. Make the connection of various related elements and strive to maximize the resonance of the viewer. A large number of investigations and studies on the basis of creativity have made the design more applicable. The importance of better use of creativity and the role played in design, the benefits of combining creative elements with different elements in the design process.

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