Craft Gift Packaging

Date:Oct 09, 2018

Craft gifts on the packaging generally highlight the following five points of the gift:

Shape: The shape of the gift box is various, such as cuboid, heart shape, cylinder, round body, etc., but there are two basic packaging methods - square packing method and cylindrical packing method.

Emotionalization: Color has a great influence on people's emotions. Therefore, the color of the wrapping paper can be distinguished by age and gender: men should be mainly in cool colors, women can choose bright colors or elegant and light colors, children should choose Bright colors, lively and lovely patterns.


Artistic: Each well-crafted packaging craft can reflect a certain degree of artistry. It can pay attention to the role of decorative tapes, decorative flowers and other small embellishments in the packaging. Through them, it can increase the artistic effect and play a finishing touch.

Thematic: This is the basis for deciding how to craft a craft gift. There are many gifts and gifts: love gift, packaging can choose heart-shaped or rose pattern, can be decorated with Cupid's arrow, showing a deep affection; family gifts can choose warm colors, highlighting the intimacy of simple and quiet.

Knowledge: Gift packaging is a knowledge-based packaging. It is necessary to fully understand the packaging materials. Small commodities should not be used with larger papers. Large commodities should not use paper with small patterns and very light colors. With the ever-expanding packaging materials and rich packaging knowledge, the second packaging of the product can truly become an art.

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