Create A Variety Of Hollow Boxes For You

Date:Jul 18, 2018

Many people think that packaging is not important. As long as their products are good, they will attract more customers. However, in real life, people first see the outer packaging in the process of selecting things, and the high-grade and beautiful packaging is also Will attract some special customers, for example, they will feel that your packaging design is very strong, or your quality is good to choose such products to buy.

In life, the box is everywhere. Gift boxes of all sizes are inseparable from the exquisite packaging box. Paper, cardboard, wood, glass, plastic, etc. are important packaging materials, but paper, and The choice of cardboard accounts for almost 40% of the entire packaging industry.

Hollowing is an engraving technique. The exterior looks like a complete pattern, but it is empty inside or inlaid with small hollow objects. In the modern era, the term hollow is being used more widely. The fashion industry uses this performance of knitting or cutting technology, hollowing out fashion is synonymous with transparency and sexy. Many international famous brands have their own classic hollow styles, which are very popular among fashion people. The hollowing out process is similar to the art of paper-cutting.

In life, you can often see the paper crafts that are particularly beautiful as shown above. Most of them refer to greeting cards, wedding invitations, etc. We use them to give people a wish or a blessing. And we also found that the production of paper products is more and more exquisite and exquisite. The achievement of these beautiful paper products is the scientific beauty of paper laser hollowing machine, paper carving and cutting.


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