Creative Aesthetics Of Cosmetic Packaging

Date:May 18, 2018

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Some people say that product packaging is door-to-door. A high-volume package is like a magic weapon. Even if you don't know much about product content, you can make consumers willingly pay for it. Whether it is pragmatic or external control, whether the product packaging is creative or personalized, it is also one of the reference items for consumers to consider whether to purchase products, food, gifts, daily necessities, etc., and of course cosmetics that are attractive to women. This fall, there will be multiple brands launching a new series of cosmetics, packaging is one of its highlights.

Makeup itself is also a kind of technology that requires creativity. When designing makeup and matching colors, girls use cosmetics with creative packaging and personality, and maybe they can get some inspiration and inspiration.

Moschino continues to play

Every season, Moschino has a lot of fashionistas, and Moschino has cooperated with Sephora to launch its first cosmetics series. It is believed that Moschino will inspire a lot of girls' hearts. Always creative designer Jeremy Scott, the cosmetics series created for Moschino, is based on the theme of gold Teddy bears, including bearded eye shadow boxes, makeup brushes, lip gloss necklaces and rouge, etc., as well as brand paper bags. Modeling the Mini Palette. In addition to cosmetics, the series also has bear-shaped mirrors and eye masks, which will be available in August. Members can learn more about them at the Sephora official website.

The entire series is priced at around US$50. One of the highlights is the Bear's Eyeshadow Box. A total of 21 eye shadows are available to meet the needs of different models of eye makeup. In addition to being an eye shadow box, its three-dimensional bear shape is also a good choice for home decoration. Its golden Moschino bear bear shape is printed on the bear with the words “THIS IS NOT A MOSCHINO TOY” added to it. taste.

In addition, the series of lip gloss, the shape is a golden necklace, lipstick placed in the pendant, a total of six colors to choose from, the user out of the street just pull out the lip gloss of the necklace pendant can be used.

Lancôme Pink Embroidery Angel

Lancôme regularly launches joint series with famous designers such as Alber Elbaz, Jacquemus and Sonia Rykiel. In the fall of this year, Lancôme and Parisian designer Olympia Le-Tan will launch a make-up series called “Olympia's Wonderland”.

Olympia Le-Tan prefers vintage style. This time the theme of Lancôme's classic Chérubin is said to be inspired by the founder of Lancôme, Armand Petitjean, who used Chérubin as a symbol of the Lancôme makeup series in 1935, thus creating a pink head on the package. Angels.

Book-shaped makeup box (Olympia's Wonderland makeup box HK$695) The box is wrapped in a cotton embroidered pattern. It contains rouge, eye shadows, and lipstick. It is marked with color, original name, and time-to-market. Four eye shadows include 1988 Gris. Argent (brilliant silver steel), 1965 Brun Nacré (brilliant brown gray), 1956 Paradis (dark wine red) and 1971 Nommé Désir (dumb white).

Rouge embossed with bow knots is inspired by Lancôme powder boxes from the fifties of last century. Lip pink lip color included the 1955 purple Rouge de Rose, the 1962 Couture rose, the 1959 Anémone cherry, and 1980 Olympia bright red.

Lip Bisou (HK$260) is a rich lipstick in the shape of lips. The three colors include Rouge de Rose in 1955 light blue ruby color, Rouge Profond in 1988 deep red wine, and Olympia in orange red in 1980. There are also mascara, air mattress, eyeliner and nail polish. This series will be released this month in limited quantities.

Meet different makeup needs

M.A.C will also launch a series of 6 eye shadow palettes this month. In addition to a variety of colors and colorful packaging, it is believed that it will meet the needs of different women for eye makeup and packaging. Name of 6 palette were Basic Bitch, Mischief Minx, Prissy Princess, Rockin 'Rebel, Power Hungry and Fashion Fanatic, a symbol of a different type and personality of girls. Wherein sections of the wide range of colors and light pink eye shadow, Basic Bitch color type cells, Prissy Princess bias pink.

The star makeup artist Valerie Giraud, who had worked with Robin Wright, Keira Knightley, and Emma Watson, and the founder brand, Antonym Cosmetics, have also landed on Sephora. It differs from other make-up brand packaging in that it uses a wooden outer package to give people a fresh and special feeling, as well as a subtle calm and texture.

Antonym's product range is limited to eyeliners, blushers, powders, and eye shadows. Each product is packaged using a woodgrain design. More specifically, it uses organic ingredients and meets environmental protection requirements. , suitable for women who admire natural style.

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