Creative Notebook Customization Needs Innovation

Date:Jan 26, 2019

The creative notebook industry has entered the post-competition phase, which is gradually entering the brand era. 

The creative notebook industry's competition mode shifts from a single price competition to a multi-faceted brand competition such as technology and management.Many creative notebooks made by foreign brands in China are still the value of international brands and are sold well all over the world.

Many domestic enterprises believe that the creative notebook customization industry is an industry with low technical content, and products are easily counterfeited. However, some foreign companies believe that small creative notebooks also have high-tech, and replicas of their own watches are not competitive. 

Therefore, creative notebook enterprises must have a long-term vitality and must move toward the international high-end creative notebook market to achieve product innovation. Only by combining organically with marketing methods can we find a real breakthrough.

Today's creative notebooks are not only innovative in terms of styling, but also more practical and environmentally friendly, which is in line with modern people's pursuit of high standards of life. 

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However, according to industry insiders, China's creative notebook industry has a very complete industrial chain, with strong innovation and manufacturing capabilities.

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