Creative One-piece Folding Box

Date:Jan 02, 2020

In the continuation of the entire packaging design packaging style, the product information is accurately and methodically conveyed to consumers, attracting consumers' attention, packaging design is a brand in "storytelling", the back and sides can show all aspects of the brand.

The layout of the back of a beautifully folded gift box is usually affected by many factors such as the structure of the packaging, the packaging materials, product content, and regulatory requirements.

Packaging design is a type of brand communication. Packaging design should be based on the unique image characteristics of the brand. 

The layout style on the back of the packaging must be able to show the unified picture characteristics of the beautifully folded gift box and the overall design style. 

Its unique personality characteristics mobilize the attention and awareness of consumers and enhance the promotion of the brand.

The use of product packaging graphics, colors, and text should be based on the classification and positioning of the product. 

cardboard carrying/gift box with handle gift packaging/subscription

High Quality Custom Gift Rectangle Folding Paper Box With Magnets closure

For example, the difference between men and women's sex products, the packaging style of men's products, the use of color with low brightness, low purity, most of the performance, graphics block tough , The text is commonly used in bold, variety, and other fonts; women's supplies packaging is bright, colorful, soft lines and graphics, text can be selected such as thin black, thin circles, and so on.

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