Custom Clothing Packaging Box

Date:Apr 08, 2019

Clothing packaging box, more commonly used, it is a kind of prevailing clothing hard packaging method, with high strength, beautiful and so on. Clothing packaging boxes can be roughly divided into folding boxes, heaven and earth cover boxes, drawer boxes and so on. 

High-end clothing packaging boxes have been widely favored by major clothing brands. What are the details of the clothing packaging box customization? Today, the clothing packaging box manufacturer gives you a brief introduction.

Design Style:

We often say that style determines success or failure. Before designing and making garment packaging boxes, we must first determine which type of clothing the customer belongs to, whether it is business men's wear, or elegant women's wear, whether it is youth casual wear or new fashion brand clothing. Different clothing types, the color and style of the clothing packaging required are very different.

Material Selection:

Different materials directly affect the final effect of the entire clothing box. Small-brand clothing packaging boxes generally use corrugated paper, corrugated paper is thick, strong tearing force, affordable, but relatively low-end. 

High-end clothing packaging boxes will use gray card mounted withcoated paper, black cardboard, white cowhide, and some even use pearl paper. There is a famous saying that paper and design are inseparable. These medium and high-grade clothing packaging boxes use these papers. There is a huge space for design and a wider range of processes.

Craft And Other:

Design and manufacture a high-end clothing packaging box, through the die-cutting, over-oil / dumb oil, printing, film and other processes. Interlocking, if any of the processes are leaking, there will be problems such as foaming and overflowing. Also pay attention to the effect of color during the printing process. Only when every detail is done, the box looks pleasing to the eye and reminiscent of the craftsman's heart.

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The above is the relevant knowledge introduction of the clothing packaging box manufacturers for all of us to talk about the customization of the clothing packaging box. I believe everyone knows now. I also hope to help everyone. Welcome everyone who does not understand, feel free to contact our company.

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