Custom Drawstring Gift Bags For Business With Logo

Date:Apr 17, 2020

There are many classifications of handbags. According to the classification thickness, there may be hundreds of different types of handbags printing, with different shapes.

Tote paper bags are generally classified according to materials, and the performance of tote bags made of different materials is slightly different.

White Cardboard Paper Bag:

The strength of the white cardboard tote bag is the highest among all tote bags, which is determined by the physical properties of the white cardboard. The paper is delicate, so the white cardboard tote bag is particularly elegant.

The printability is good, and designers can boldly apply various design techniques, so the white cardboard tote bag is the most costly among tote bags.

Coated Art Paper Bag:

Choosing coated paper to make handbags is characterized by moderate fastness. Due to the high whiteness and glossiness of coated paper, it has good printability and good advertising effects.

After covering the surface of the coated paper with glossy film or matte film, it not only has the functions of moisture resistance and durability, but also looks more refined. Coated paper is one of the most popular materials for making handbags.

Kraft Paper Bag:

Handbags made of kraft paper are characterized by greater fastness and lowest cost, and are generally used to hold ordinary goods.

Custom Drawstring Gift Bags For Business With Logo

In addition to white kraft paper, the background color of kraft paper is generally darker. Therefore, it is more suitable for printing dark text and lines, and some strong contrasting color blocks can also be designed. Kraft paper bag is generally not covered with film, it is the lowest cost bag.

Tote paper bags not only provide convenience to shoppers, they can also take the opportunity to promote products or brands again. 

The beautifully designed handbag will be admirable. Even if the handbag is printed with an eye-catching trademark or advertisement, customers will be happy to reuse it. This handbag has become one of the most efficient and inexpensive advertising media.

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