Custom High-end Paper Bag Packaging

Date:May 31, 2019

Monochrome application, simple is not simple:

The first thing we have to learn is to be good at using the unity of color to arrange the overall harmony.

Have we found a problem, that is, as a high-end brand, they seem to rarely change their own paper bag packaging.

More often, they care about stability, the LOGO under the large color blocks, they form their paper bag packaging, color blocks and LOGO are strictly in accordance with VI, so that all products organically form a harmony.

When everything forms an organic order, you will feel that this commodity, paper bag packaging, and everything else is very high-end.


Use more simple lines to create a refined feel:

There are many designers in the design of paper bag packaging, they can easily design amazing works, which is largely to make good use of the combination of lines, making the whole paper bag packaging deep and connotative, which means that the product does not reflect the product is high end?

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