Custom Information Loose-leaf Notebooks Chapter 2

Date:Jan 29, 2019

Size of loose-leaf notepad:

The size of the loose-leaf notebook is various. The commonly used sizes are A5/B5/A4/B6, etc. The different sizes of the loose-leaf notebook meet the needs of different types of users. 

The small loose-leaf notebook can be carried in the pocket. Use, like a scratch pad, you can easily tear off one of the pages.

The difference between loose-leaf notebook and ordinary notepad:

The difference between loose-leaf notebook and ordinary notebook is mainly divided into the following categories:The loose-leaf notebook has a binder that is fixed and strong and can be countered. 

The ordinary loose-leaf notebooks are mostly plastic or line-books, which will fall off after repeated turning.

The loose-leaf notebook can tear down one of the pages, and the normal loose-leaf notebook may tear down the entire structure and use of the book.

The loose-leaf notebook is flexible and can be easily disassembled, replaced, and combined.

The advantages of loose-leaf notebooks:

The loose-leaf notebook is strong and can be flipped over and over.

The loose-leaf notebook can be used to tear down one page.

The loose-leaf notebooks are available in a variety of styles to meet the aesthetic and usage needs of different users.

The loose-leaf notebook can be customized in large quantities, printed with corporate LOGO, and advertised for the company.

The loose-leaf notebook can be used to staple the core for later use.

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