Custom Luxury Elegant Box For Jewelry Set

Date:Jun 11, 2020

Jewelry is the most popular fashion item, and it is loved by consumers. In order to attract the attention of consumers, major merchants have worked hard on the quality, appearance and creativity of jewelry.

Packaging is also very important for a piece of jewelry. Excellent outer packaging can not only improve the grade of products but also promote sales. What points should be paid attention to when designing jewelry packaging boxes?

A) Since it is a jewelry box design, it must be designed based on objective factors such as volume, shape, material, style, style, and brand story. In this way, the packaging designed according to the characteristics and personalities of the products can better reflect the unity and integrity.

B) The design of jewelry boxes is mainly market-oriented. After all, the purpose of packaging design is to attract the attention of consumers. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a market research before designing.

Packaging does not have to be unique, the more peculiar the better, it needs to meet the aesthetics of consumers and create value for the product. 

The packaging design should be reasonably positioned to absorb the latest creative design concepts obtained from the market so as not to derail the market.

Necklace Jewellery Box Custom Luxury Paper Ring Packaging Gift Jewelry Box With Hot Foil Logo Printed

C) The choice of packaging material is very important. The most important role of packaging is to protect the goods. The selection of the material needs to consider the shape, color, capacity and craftsmanship of the packaging.

Everyone knows that jewelry is a relatively expensive product, and it is easily scratched, so the functional requirements for packaging are relatively high.

Good packaging materials and structures can greatly avoid physical and chemical damage to the goods. At the same time, because the jewelry is small in size and different in shape, the packaging design must meet the requirements for the storage, transportation and carrying of the goods.

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