Custom Packaging Gift Box For Honey

Date:Aug 05, 2019

Creating something different, fresh, and somewhat different, the honey packaging design below is bold and forward-looking, as if bringing the feeling of the future to the present.

Honey packaging design emphasizing the "viewing" experience.

Designers take the impression first, repeatedly pondering the texture, texture, taste and culture of honey, looking for a sticky, mouth-watering visual expression that allows consumers to identify at first sight.

Honey paper packaging gift box

This packaging design removes the common honey packaging design, such as a large number of hexagonal, honeycomb and other related visual symbols, but emphasizes the actual texture of honey, extending from the wood grain, intimate and natural, highlighting the feeling of honey spirit Let consumers naturally associate with green nature and experience more deeply and directly.

As a daily consumption, ordinary glass jars are not convenient to carry, so the convenience of travel is considered in the design, and the packaging form also has a tubular shape.

High Quality Honey Jars Packaging Magnetic Box with Dividers, Custom Design Printed Luxury Rigid Cardboard Gift Box For Jam

The color is also anti-yellow, black, bright, and contrasting, designed to mobilize the appetite of consumers. 

The gift box is packaged with clean wood grain and cardboard original surface texture and LOGO, the composition is clean and has some natural flavor.

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