Custom Perfume Packaging Gift Box

Date:Oct 24, 2019

The perfume box is the outer packaging of the perfume, which has the function of protecting the perfume for transportation and storage, and at the same time, it is beneficial to the sale of the perfume at a certain angle.

PU Leather Perfume Box

Most of the perfume box leather boxes are made of artificial leather such as PU and PVC. The leather packaging is more suitable for the characteristics of the perfume box. It can be divided into single and multiple.

Moreover, the perfume leather case has more advantages than other packaging boxes in terms of cost performance. On the one hand, it can reflect the noble and elegant quality of the perfume, on the other hand, it has great advantages in price.

Paper Perfume Box

Perfume tray is a more common perfume box.

Compared with other packaging boxes, the carton has a great price advantage in the production and raw materials, and is loved by some perfume products.

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Iron Perfume Box

Some big brands use iron boxes as a packaging for perfume boxes. The iron box perfume box is larger than the other types of perfume packaging boxes, and the quality is large.

However, the iron box gives a pragmatic and steady feeling, mainly applied to the men's perfume box packaging.

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