Custom Product Packaging

Date:Apr 30, 2019

Customized product packaging, marketing, consumer demand We have to create a new "selling point" for the product "packaging". 

The unique form can strengthen the selling point of the product and attract customers' attention. The same products, different forms will also give customers a different quality feeling to promote consumers' desire to buy.

The competition in the wine market is fiercer, and the wine box packaging is a battlefield without smoke. The merchants also pay more attention to the development of series design and production. 

Nowadays, the texts and designs of the wine packaging have been removed from the dazzling decoration. They are more inclined to express the theme of wine culture, pay attention to the attractiveness of packaging, grasp the consumer's consumer psychology and accurately position the market position, and fully display the visual impact effect in sales. In order to effectively increase the brand image and cultural connotation.

Different gift boxes should be designed according to their target groups. The gift box not only reflects the characteristics and value of the gift, but also the packaging of the corporate image. 

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When designing a gift box, we need to consider the image, characteristics, target group and other aspects of the gift box. 

We must not only consider the problem from our own perspective, but also consider it from the perspective of the consumer and use personalized design to attract consumption. 

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