Customized Box Size Considerations

Date:Feb 28, 2019

When making a package, we first need to determine the size of the package. Please pay attention to the following when determining the size:

1. When the customer provides the sample box, to ensure the inner diameter size or outer diameter size measurement standard, we can measure and determine the size of the sample box by the position of the slotted slot;

2. When the size of the package is directly provided by the customer, it should be clear whether it is the inner diameter or the outer diameter;

3. When designing the package according to the customer's packaged product, the characteristics of the packaged product, the arrangement of the package, the corrugated box liner and cushioning material size and equipment limitations should be fully considered.

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4. When making a package, the size of the package is very important, and we can determine its size in the manner described above to protect, store and transport the product.

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