Customized Brand Colorful Mailer Paper Boxes

Date:Jul 30, 2020

The Mailer Box is a branch of the carton box. It is the first choice for express packaging and delivery. It is made of corrugated paper.

Development And Application:

With the increasing development of the Internet, self-employed and small businesses that open online shops have also risen. 

How to avoid the wear and tear of the goods in the delivery process is a problem that must be considered, so more and more businesses will choose Relatively low cost and cost-effective aircraft boxes are the first choice for shipping packing boxes. 

In addition, because it can print information such as store name and address, it can improve customers' brand awareness and increase customer.

According to different purposes, it can be divided into: cosmetic airplane box, spring and summer airplane box, T-shaped box, winter airplane box, etc.

Customized Brand Colorful Mailer Paper Boxes

Customized Service:

Due to the high cost-effectiveness of the aircraft box, many manufacturers can accept special editions and can print their own logo, address, telephone and other information.

Any size/color printing/logo/structure etc, can custom with your request.

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