Customized Handbag Styles From All Walks Of Life

Date:Oct 12, 2018

With the rapid development of the economy over the years, in order to more effectively promote products and services, almost all businesses will be equipped with exquisite handbags for their goods.

Watch auto show, shop at the mall, buy cosmetics, go to brand-name stores to sweep goods, press the book to open a new book launch, product vendors hold new product promotion conferences, costumes, liquor, red wine, designer bags, high-end cosmetics, celebrity calligraphy and painting, new baked Electronic products, food, seafood, specialty products...The tote bag has become a popular outer packaging item, and it is the cheapest tool for business promotion.



These paper bags, some large, some petite; some light and elegant, some gorgeous, some solemn; patterns or unconventional to win with style, or funny humor; some emphasize the use of products, some highlight feature of product. These large and small paper tote bags form a colorful landscape on the street.

Paper handbags that people see today, such as gift bags, shopping bags, and advertising tote bags, are mostly made of thick kraft paper, kraft paper, offset paper, light coated paper, white cardboard, embossed paper, and Coated paper, matt coated paper, printed, die-cut, bonded and formed by offset printing.



Due to the modernization of printing technology and equipment, the printed patterns are very delicate, delicate and rich in expression. And according to the customer's needs, it can be film-coated, increasing its toughness and water resistance; it can also be matt film, showing off the quality of the product without reducing the user's identity; some are simply made of pure kraft paper, If you add a unique professional design, you can give the product a simple and elegant style, and the low-key luxury inadvertently reveals the aristocratic atmosphere.

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