Customized Loose-leaf Notebook Instructions

Date:Feb 21, 2019

Customized loose-leaf notebook instructions:

First of all, the style of loose-leaf notebook is natural high-end, more suitable for use as a high-end business occasion, as an office supplies, its function is much more than the average hardcover notebook, not only more than the card position The most important thing for the individual is that the binding method is not only exquisite but also very practical, which is convenient for flexible recording, flexible writing, flexible paper-taking, and it is easier for perfectionists to sort the content they have recorded after using it for a while. Organize to make your notes more tidy and organized;

For the style, it is recommended that you choose a loose-leaf book with a leather-making process that uses the stepping technique. Why, because the book on the line is not only classic in appearance but also durable, unlike some books that look too grand and slick, oily The edge process is relatively easy to crack and damage;

A classic and timeless loose-leaf notebook, since it uses the line-pressing technique, must be paired with a soft leather leather. It can be a glossy leather or a matte leather, but it must be high-grade. 

Soft hand-feeling leather, otherwise it not only affects the hand and beauty, but also the hard leather is easy to crack and break after stepping on the line. 

It is best to use a high-grade color-changing leather, which is not only comfortable and soft, but also the embossed custom logo. Stereoscopically deep;

The first page of this book is best to print a brief introduction of your own business and unit or corporate culture brochure. The color map can be printed with high-quality coated paper of good quality, not only the picture is beautiful, but also because it is the front paper, it is a kind of publicity about the corporate culture is also a good protection for the core of the book;

If you are very particular about the loose-leaf paper, you can use a slightly thicker and more textured paper. Not only does it feel good, but the ink does not soak into the paper when writing. It is recommended to use Sika 100G wrinting paper.

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