Customized Marketing Notebook

Date:Dec 26, 2018

Customized corporate notebooks for business, gift, and gift promotion. Focus on the corporate information, corporate culture, and corporate image that the cover conveys. 

Therefore, the general corporate customers have customized notebooks in batches, and the design and requirements for the cover are relatively high. The inner page is also very important. The cover is good, the inner page can't be ignored. If the cover is the face, the inner page is your connotation, and the connotation is more touching.

Customized notebooks, corporate LOGO, are essential. This is the producer of this notebook, to let people see your information at a glance, let people know that this notebook is this company, giving people an impression. 

Therefore, the LOGO design can be consistent with the enterprise and can be matched with the design of the notebook. A good LOGO process will make your LOGO more vivid and outstanding.

Corporate LOGO and corporate information are indispensable, the rest is the cover design layout, color matching, and the material of the cover making.

Luxury Business Notebook

 In general, what we have to do is to make corporate notebooks conform to the image of the company, and to promote their business as a marketing product.

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