Customized Packaging For Product

Date:Aug 20, 2019

Nowadays, many manufacturers do not know which kind of packaging box is suitable for their own products when they make product packaging boxes for their own products, which leads to the change of packaging, which causes a lot of waste and reduces product competitiveness.

As a manufacturer of packaging boxes, we think the following points should be considered in the choice of packaging boxes.

Do product positioning,know where your market is, who is your consumer group, and product positioning to provide direction for the next choice of box.

The product packaging box type and material selection, the current product packaging box mainly has the following types of boxes: Lid and base cover box, book box, drawer box, single color box and the new popular one-piece folding box.

Lid and base cover box is widely used, mainly including cosmetics, food, etc. The book box is mainly for wine drinks, jewelry, etc.

Drawer boxes are mainly for jewelry, electronic products, etc., single-color boxes are mostly daily necessities, and folding boxes are mainly used to save storage and logistics costs, and are mostly used in the clothing and footwear industry.

Custom small cardboard paper cute special shaped gift packaging box

Manufacturers can choose the right box type according to the value of the product and the size of the product. It should be noted that if the value of the product is high, then the material selection of the package must match the product price.

Product packaging design and printing process, for the specific consumer groups under product positioning, design color, pattern selection, such as for children, colorful, graphic cartoon, emphasizing fun, women emphasize feminine, cute, male simple and elegant.

The printing process has hot stamping, hot silver, embossing, UV, etc. The suitable process choice is to make the packaging more beautiful and more prominent.

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