Customized Surface Finishing For Packaging

Date:Mar 04, 2019

When making a beautiful gift box, the manufacturer of the box will use some surface treatment technology to increase the exquisiteness of the box.

The common thing is to print. In general, coated paper needs to be printed, and art paper only needs to increase the aesthetics of the package by bronzing, hot silver or UV.

So, what are the common surface techniques used in the production of exquisite gift boxes?

Printing: The printing machine has a monochrome printing machine, a 2-color printing machine, a 4-color printing machine, and a 5-color printing machine UV printing machine. The printing process includes normal printing, spot color printing, gold printing, silver printing, and uv printing.

UV printing is mainly for gold and silver cardboard (laser paper is a kind of gold and silver card). This kind of printing uses UV ink, which can effectively prevent the ink sticking in the printing process, so the printing cost is relatively expensive.

Laminating:The film is divided into sub-film and bright film. The commonly used thickness is 1.8 wire and 1.5 wire. The company commonly uses 1.8 wire. The filming method is oily and water-based. Because of its environmental protection, the oily film has been gradually eliminated by Shanghai gift box packaging manufacturers.

The pre-coating film is coated with a layer of glue on the film in advance, and has good viscosity. It is often used for gold and silver cardboard and paper with a large amount of dust when printing, and the price is high.

Screen printing:Screen printing is a printing method that prints through ink onto a substrate. The process has wrinkles, sanding, crystal, foaming and the like.

Hot stamping:Bronzing (hot silver) is a process of ironing the surface of the paper with a certain temperature and pressure. The electrochemical aluminum is different, and the pressure and temperature control are also different. Because of the large reflection of light, the anodized aluminum is often used to highlight key parts.

Colorful lid and base square box high quality customized logo cardboard box for gifts

There are many colors of anodized aluminum. There are also many varieties, and customers can choose according to their own needs.

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