Design And Production Of Paper Gift Box

Date:Apr 23, 2020

The structure of carton is divided into two types: fixed structure and folding structure.

Die-cutting and creasing in advance, forming by bonding, sewing, nailing and other methods, the fixed structure makes it can not be disassembled, folded, or flattened during transportation and after use. 

It is suitable for packaging containers with high protection requirements and more expensive commodities. Mostly hand-made.

Folding carton-pre-cutting, creasing, grooving, mainly formed by folding, propped up during use, and can be folded and flattened during transportation and after use folding carton has the advantages of innovation, convenience, practicality, beauty, economy, etc. and is suitable for industrial production.

The structure of the carton should be closely connected with the attributes of the product. The basis for the design of the carton structure is:

The nature of the product: heat resistance, moisture resistance, fragility, flammability, mildew resistance, insect resistance and other performance requirements of the internal goods.

Commodity form: liquid, solid, paste, gas, block, granule, powder and other material forms.

Positioning of commodities: consumer objects, sales market, etc.

Storage and transportation of commodities: transportation route, storage environment, transportation means, storage and transportation conditions, etc.

Carton packaging can better reflect the brand connotation of the product: color tone, design style, pattern and surface texture. Therefore, carton packaging is favored by many well-known cosmetic brands, especially as a gift, or when you need to pay attention to proper use.

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The packaging content is well protected, giving a solid, reliable and stable impression; the product is sold under a prestigious brand.

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