Design Elements For Gift Box Packaging

Date:Aug 17, 2018

Gifts, most of them require high-end atmosphere, so the gift box came into being. The packaging of the gift box will appear to be high-end gifts, which will make people feel respect for the people who receive the gifts. Let's take a look at the gift box. Packaging elements.

1.Packaging materials: The choice of materials for the packaging not only affects the cost of the packaging, but also affects the appearance of the packaging, and it also affects the competitiveness of this product in the market.

2.The color of the box: color is the most stimulating component of the packaging, highlighting the combination of color and tone of the product, not only can strengthen the brand characteristics, but also has a strong appeal to customers.


3.Packaging shape: Appropriate packaging shape is conducive to transportation and display, but also beneficial to product sales, but also affects cost. Therefore, shape is an important and indispensable combination element in packaging.

4.Packaging pattern: The pattern in the box is like the picture in the advertisement. Its importance and indispensability are self-evident.


5.Product label: The label contains the main contents, brand logo, product quality grade, product manufacturer, production date and expiration date, and usage method.

6.Trademarks or brand names: Trademarks or brand names are the most important components of gift box packaging and should occupy a prominent position on the whole of the gift box packaging.

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