Design High-grade Wine Packaging Box

Date:Apr 24, 2019

Red wine is always a high-end drink. Compared with other wines, red wine has certain health effects, and it is a symbol of romance. However, for other wines, the price of red wine is more expensive, and it also gives people a more upscale feeling.

Nowadays, it is also very popular. With the continuous improvement of the economy, this relatively high-end products are gradually becoming popular, and the sales volume is increasing year by year.

Then in the high-end gift box printing design and production need to pay attention to the above, first of the material can choose paper and wood two, two characteristics is that paper is cheap for medium and low-end red wine, wood price is more expensive for high-end red wine, but no matter which Kinds of attention should be paid to the design of the gift box.

Single bottle red wine box with EVA inner custom wine packaging box

Don't give people a colorful feeling when designing high-end gift boxes. It's best not to have one color, two or three colors are the best. 

It is best to use a bronzing process on the word to give the high-end gift box a sense of honor. As for the pattern, it is simple, too complicated and reduces the overall beauty.

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