Design Type Of Electronic Digital Product Packaging

Date:Aug 28, 2018

1.Text design for digital product packaging

Packaging design is not only a surface decoration pattern on the packaging, the packaging text of the digital product needs to reflect the brand name, trademark, standard font, product description, instructions for use, slogan, main features, company name, address and many other elements. In the packaging design. Text is essential to convey sales packaging information.

Generally placed on the side of the package, or separately made into a small booklet inside the package, the use of standardized printing fonts, too thick or too thin font strokes will affect the visibility after printing, it is not appropriate to choose a larger font, Otherwise it will affect readability. The font design of digital electronic products should be high-tech, but pay attention to visibility and readability.


2.Graphic design of digital product packaging

The graphic content on the packaging of digital electronic products is mainly the product image, logo and brand image and decorative graphics. The most important feature of photographic images is the ability to realistically and accurately reproduce the texture and shape of the product and achieve the image. When purchasing digital electronic products, it is generally not allowed to open the package to see the goods inside, but through photography, it can directly reproduce the goods on the packaging and decoration. It can not only do sophisticated realism performance, but also generalized performance. It can also freely express emotions, express rich fantasy, depict unconventional whimsy beyond time and space, and express the connotation of products in the form of graphics.

3.Color design of digital product packaging

Color has the function of advertising products and attracting consumers' attention. Therefore, enterprises should pay attention to the important role of color in the design of commodity packaging, so that designers can design colors that conform to the identity of digital electronic products when designing the packaging color of goods. To improve the competitiveness of the company's products in sales. Excellent product packaging color can not only play the role of beautifying the product packaging, but also capture the people's sight, so that people have a good aesthetic enjoyment in the process of purchasing goods, and also play a role in promoting the goods, let people inadvertently Notice its brand. It has greatly promoted the rapid expansion of the sales market.

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