Development Of Modern Packaging Design

Date:Jul 26, 2018

Modern packaging design is simple

Modern packaging design is a dynamic concept. It is mainly based on consumers, and carries out a design concept that conforms to the market, conforms to the business, conforms to the aesthetics, and conforms to the art.

The development of modern packaging design

The packaging design of the industrial revolution period, in a simple form, plays a role in protecting commodities. The shape is simple and ugly, which reflects the weakening of the technological form under industrial production;

The packaging design of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements has made great progress compared to the packaging of the Industrial Revolution. It is no longer a simple functional form packaging, and there is a combination of art and technology. They emphasize the decorative and symbolic nature of the packaging art, the picture is bright and more impactful;

Packaging design in the modernist period is a functionally determined form of packaging design, emphasizing the functionally supreme design idea, using linear, curved, geometric design elements, simple color matching, to create a simple, practical, beautiful modern packaging design;

The packaging design of the post-modern period, when the packaging is a criticism and inheritance of the packaging of the modernist period; criticizing the simplicity of modern packaging, causing the product to be monotonous, too stylized, and taking a fold to the art of the classical period The idea of Chineseism, a design idea that combines classical and modern.

The characteristics of modern packaging design

Although modern packaging design is inseparable from art, it is different from pure art creation, it can not express its own emotions and thoughts as you like [3]. Packaging design must consider the requirements of the manufacturer, respect the consumer's appreciation requirements, must also consider the limitations of materials and technology, production and printing conditions, economic costs and other requirements. Modern packaging design has been designed not for the packaging itself, but for people. The recognition and consumption of packaging must be promoted by the appreciation of customers, so the packaging design must cater to the hobbies and appreciation of consumers.

The importance of modern packaging design

In today's world and commercialization, the industrial level is developing at a high speed, and modern packaging design is becoming more and more important. It can not only protect goods, but also increase the desire of goods to consumers. Thereby achieving the prospect of increasing commodity consumption.

The practical significance of modern packaging design

Design is the essence of goods, it creates the market, creates wealth, creates the future, and makes outstanding contributions to the new lifestyle of the country and society and the accumulation of wealth.

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