Development Status Of Food Carton Packaging

Date:Oct 16, 2018

China's food carton packaging industry has started to develop from vicious competition: from the middle and low level to the advanced level; from the domestic level to the international level.

At present, China's food carton packaging has basically achieved "combination" with other factors, making the food carton packaging industry more colorful. The first is the combination of food carton packaging and papermaking. In developed countries, the combination of food cartons and papermaking has been realized; the combination of papermaking and forestry industry. In the long-term separation of China, in recent years, the combination of domestic food cartons and papermaking, the combination of papermaking and food cartons has been basically realized, and it has a relatively mature stage. The second is the combination of the food cartons and the carton (color box).


Earlier, China had long separated the food cartons from the color boxes. In terms of classification, food cartons are transport packaging, large packaging; color boxes are sales packaging, small packaging. The food cart factory produces large packages; the printing factory processes small packages. Nowadays, the combination of size and packaging has already existed, and it has gradually kept pace with foreign development.

The third is the combination of the food carton and the honeycomb. In foreign countries, honeycomb food cartons are processed with honeycomb composite paperboard to meet the standard of corrugated food cartons. A few years ago, China's cellular experts have successfully trial-produced. Paper corrugated paper and paper honeycomb are the same paper-type structure, they are siblings, and the honeycomb food carton can be processed with the corrugated cardboard back tool. Now the honeycomb food carton production road has been opened, which has broadened the new field of food carton.

Therefore, the types of food carton packaging on the market are extremely rich in color, which not only achieves the purpose of protecting food, but also achieves the goal of attracting customers. However, almost all food food carton packs are in the same form, making consumers less concerned about food carton packs. Therefore, in order to reshape the important role of food carton packaging to attract customers, and the food cartons are environmentally friendly materials, in line with sustainable development standards, therefore, the domestic food carton packaging industry will continue to innovate.

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