Different Manufacturers' Foldable Gift Boxes Have Different Prices?

Date:Jan 08, 2020

Many new customers will compare the different manufacturers for the first time, and finally choose the best among the manufacturers, but many new customers will note that the quotations between different manufacturers are quite different.

In fact, in terms of normal production methods and production processes, the production costs of almost every manufacturer are basically the same, so why are there such disparate prices?

Difference in raw materials. It is also a piece of paper, but the type is divided into ordinary paper and special paper. The price of special paper is naturally much more expensive than ordinary paper. Even ordinary paper will have obvious differences in price.

High-priced paper has better gloss, smoothness, and ink absorption, and the printed effect is naturally more beautiful.

Printing equipment differences. The price of imported high-precision printing presses may be in the millions or even tens of millions, while the price of ordinary printing presses may be less than one million. These two devices have different printing results.

High Quality Recyclable Packaging Cardboard Folding Square / Round Boxes with Magnet for Jewelry

Ink and service differences. As mentioned earlier, printing machines can be very different, so the inks used in printing machines are correspondingly different. Good quality printing machines must necessarily be equipped with good inks, while poor printing machines only need cheap inks.

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