Does The Paper Bag Of The Garment Need To Be Covered?

Date:Mar 29, 2019

Many companies that need paper bags always have such paper bags that are entangled in clothing. Why do some of the films have no film? What kind of paper bag is better? 

Here we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of paper bags from a professional point of view. As for whether you want to give your product paper bag film, the key depends on your requirements;

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A) The coated paper bag is a paper film processing raw material paper product plus a film, which can be bright or frosted! 

Now there are some colored and patterned films, the paper bag is still very tall, and the coated paper bag can be better waterproof and moisture-proof, but the cost is higher.

B) Non-coated paper bags, it can be said that this paper bag does not need to be covered with film. As long as it is added with some necessary printing, it can be directly produced into a paper bag, which saves cost and saves trouble. 

There is also one of the biggest advantages that it can be environmentally friendly and can be automatically Weathered, but there are also shortcomings, their waterproof and moisture-proof features are much worse.

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