Electronic Digital Product Packaging Design

Date:Aug 28, 2018

To protect the quality and transportation of goods, this is the most basic and original function is to effectively protect goods, facilitate the filling, transportation and storage of goods, and maximize the protection of products in all aspects. Therefore, the first consideration for packaging design is to protect the product, a product attribute and the external environment, using reasonable protection technology to prevent the product from being damaged or deteriorated when it is affected by external physical or chemical factors.

Pass brand and product information. The package itself is a visual symbol that conveys the overall impression of the consumer's goods and information about the product. Packaging may become a symbol of corporate image and become a part of corporate marketing planning. Modern packaging has complete visual symbols: appearance, brand logo, text, graphics, color, texture. By arranging these elements, the product information is clearly communicated to the consumer: “What am I? Who am I and who do I serve?”, and also inform consumers of the precautions in use 'Place of Origin and Contact Information Wait.


It can increase the actual sales of products and make profits. Through visual elements to create a variety of consumer atmosphere, the consumer's purchase behavior plays a psychological suggestion. Today, in the homogenization of products, design plays an important role in marketing. Exquisite, innovative and reasonable packaging style, through the composition of pleasing graphic characters, appropriate color matching, elegant and comfortable materials (including visual texture, tactile texture), satisfying the physiological and psychological needs of consumers, inducing consumption behavior. A good visual impression can often arouse the inner resonance of consumers and enhance their purchasing confidence. In the way of self-service shopping, we have to abandon the notion that “the wine is not afraid of the deep alley”. In the fierce competition of commodities, the visual language and artistic means of packaging appearance are powerful weapons to attract consumers, and advertisements that directly attract customers. On the dazzling array of shelves, our market is attracted by the unique packaging of unique colors and unique colors, which is the role of the beautiful appearance of the packaging design.


It is convenient for customers to make fast consumption. As a packaging design, on the one hand, it is for the sake of commodities, on the other hand, it is for the sake of consumers. The packaging that is easy to carry, open and obtain the finished product can impress the consumers, make them feel friendly and feel the full service, and thus may remain loyal to the goods. The convenient form of packaging can reduce the damage of goods, reduce the cost of products and facilitate the use of consumers, and is also an important link to improve product quality and promote sales.

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