Environmentally Friendly Paper Bag Application

Date:Jul 10, 2018

Kraft paper bags are usually divided into square bottom kraft paper bags and pointed bottom kraft paper bags. The square bottom kraft paper bag is divided into pure kraft paper bag (natural kraft paper bag) and coated kraft paper bag.

Pure kraft paper bottom paper bags are generally used to hold items that are not oily, such as scarves, clothes, small parts, and the like. The bottom of the leather-coated paper bag at the bottom of the square is square. When placed in fried chicken, Taiwanese wife cake, cake, meat folder, hand cake and other foods, it can stand on its own, while the bottom-end kraft paper bag does not have the food to stand upright. specialty.

Since the bottom of the square bottom kraft paper bag is square, it is more than the paper bag of the same height than the paper bag of the same height. For the merchant, the side paper bag is relatively more.

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