Environmentally Friendly Tea Packaging Box

Date:Jan 03, 2019

Tea box packaging is no stranger to everyone, you can see the figure of tea in the source of life, there is packaging where there is tea. People usually drink tea and tea, have they paid attention to tea box packaging? What kind of packaging is the tea around you? What kind of material is used in the packaging box?

Tea packaging needs to be green design, the first task is to rationally select materials. When selecting the green packaging design of tea, it should meet the needs of basic functions, consumers and market, and analyze the environmental impact factors to select the most suitable materials that can meet the sustainable development requirements of human ecological environment.

The choice of materials will directly affect the performance of the product at all stages of its life cycle, and it plays a very important decisive role in the environmental packaging design process of tea.

Handmade green tea gift box for red tea herbal tea

Tea is a common drink in life, and people attach great importance to packaging. At present, a large number of paper tea box packaging on the market has received the approval of consumers. The tea made from paper materials is not only environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-polluting, but also has high recycling efficiency compared with other waste products. It is a packaging material that is highly recommended by both merchants and consumers.

In the design of tea packaging, the choice of environmentally friendly materials is a perfect improvement for traditional packaging design. The green packaging design of tea is combined with the basic properties, market value and natural characteristics of tea, taking into account the practicality, value and ecology of the materials, so as to select the most suitable environmentally friendly materials.

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