Exquisite And Generous Paper Carry Bag Printing Production Precautions

Date:Dec 23, 2017

Paper carry bag, paper gift bag, paper shopping bag is a product we often used to, its main printing is the protection, use, promotion and so on. Bag as a showcase of corporate image, an important cultural items, bag printing production directly affects the quality of people's perception of the business. Therefore, the production of bag printing need to pay attention to certain issues, to ensure the ultimate bag beautiful, generous.

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1, the size of the bag usually based on the size of packaging products may be. General standard size is divided into three open, open four or off three. Each is divided into two kinds of positive or large, the net size of the length × width × height composition.


2, in the production of bag printing process, the ink if there is no regular mixing, it is easy to appear the bond, which will affect the overall presentation bag effect. But also be careful not to be too diluted, so printed products will have color, you can add appropriate thickener to adjust.


3, the bag after printing need to be coated pressure-type sticky box after the rope can be formed. Bag rope optional nylon rope, cotton rope or paper rope. Such as the bag size is larger, the rope holes to be reinforced rivets to resist tension.


4, in the bag printing production process, pay attention to the use of the same ink, do not mix different types of inks, if the two can not be compatible, it will affect the quality of the bag.


5, in the production of handbag printing ink to ensure the nature, to avoid direct sunlight, but also to maintain the indoor temperature, preferably in the 10-26 degrees Celsius.


The above is the note printed bag production, and hope to be helpful to everyone. For more information, you are welcome to continue Guangzhou Ming Lai packaging!

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