Exquisite Carton Packaging

Date:Dec 21, 2018

A beautiful packaging carton is a service, especially the carton packaging of consumer goods, it is a carrier that directly serves consumers and delights consumers. There are many functions of carton packaging, but the main thing is to protect goods and promote sales. Protecting goods is the main function, but when the market economy develops to a certain period of time, promotion becomes the main content, so the service function of carton packaging is more important. 


Attracting consumers' attention:

Carton packaging should be liked by consumers in the first place. Consumers in the market to buy goods, browse the speed of the product is as fast as watching TV, not outstanding design, it is easy to get out of the consumer's vision, can not cause consumers to buy.

This fleeting opportunity in the first time, relying on the design of the carton, requires the carton designer to have a high sense of service, to constantly understand the consumer's hobby changes, and timely reflected in the carton design in.

Carton packaging should be convenient for consumers. Serving consumers, in addition to meeting the first-time service, we must also consider the continuity of the service, such as convenient carrying handle design, opening design, easy classification of waste, etc., will make consumers feel that services are everywhere, This produces a wonderful memory of the product.

Carton quality assurance:

The luxury packaging of consumer goods is getting more and more serious. According to common sense, the more luxurious the packaging, the higher the quality of its contents should be, but it is often counterproductive. Many packaging looks very luxurious, the quality of single-packaged items is not ideal, and consumers Feelings are far apart, making consumers feel inspired by false services. 

Therefore, carton packaging designers should fully consider the problem of luxury packaging when designing the carton. The appearance of the carton should be consistent with the quality of the contents of the iron box to avoid excessive packaging.

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