Exquisite Portable Folding Box Customization

Date:Feb 26, 2020

At present, the manufacturers of beautiful portable folding boxes have concluded two small details that can improve the texture. If you pay attention to these small details, you can double the sense of belonging and intimacy of consumers.

Reserve a certain finger position. The finger position here is really a finger position in the literal sense. As for the number of finger positions, this depends on the specific size of the Guangzhou exquisite portable folding box. The larger the box, the larger the finger position.

And as a box, the product contained in it will have a certain weight. Considering the convenience of customers, sometimes customers go shopping, the box is too heavy, it will be mentioned on the arm, letting hands free, so according to the product weight and characteristics keeping your fingers will allow consumers to feel caring from the brand.

Thicken the bottom of the box. The purpose of the thickening treatment is to prevent the sealing at the bottom of Guangzhou's exquisite portable folding box from cracking. 

Luxury Design Logo Custom Pink Art Paper Coat Grey Board Foldable Paper Gidt Box with Handle for Clothes

The card slot at the bottom of the box is a relatively fragile place. If the product is placed inside, the force is uneven, so that the load at this point is too much. 

It is likely to cause cracking or disconnection, and the thickening treatment can effectively disperse gravity to the four sides, so that the weight of the entire product together with the box will not have excessive load on the bottom card, thereby reducing the risk of breaking and breaking. Here also uses a little knowledge of physics.

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