FAQ For Notepad Customization

Date:Jan 21, 2019

Notepad is a must-have item in both life and work. The usage rate is very high. At the same time, with the development of the market and the needs of customers, more and more companies choose to customize the notebook, and not only distribute the notebook to the employees. 

It is the withdrawal of corporate culture and employee benefits. It is also for corporate propaganda, strengthening the brand's word-of-mouth effect and achieving marketing goals.So what common problems do companies encounter when customizing notepads? The following article gives you a detailed introduction:

Notepad customization method: divided into two parts, the customization of the envelope part and the customization of the inner page part. Usually, a small number of notebook customization is a custom cover part, which can reduce the cost and reduce the budget.

Logo mode: The logo method mentioned here refers to the customization of the cover part, mainly including: branding, bronzing, silver, silk screen, laser engraving, metal card, etc., which is branded because of its elegant style, very good with notepad. Fusion is widely adopted.

Binding methods: binder binding and stitching, and loose-leaf coil binding. The loose-leaf notebook customization mainly adopts two kinds of metal porous clips and plastic porous clips, and the paperback book adopts the process of first-line loading and re-binding, which makes the book more durable and durable.

Envelope material: Notepad custom envelope materials are PU, leather, wood, aluminum, etc., of which PU is the largest amount. You can choose any one you like and then choose to make it with the specified fabric, from which you can choose your favorite fabric.

Advertising page customization: Advertising page customization is the customization of the inner page. The advertising page has monochrome printing, multi-color printing, full-color printing. Of course, the cost of the three forms is different. You can choose according to your needs. Common forms include printing company introductions, enterprise products, etc., and printing corporate information on the footer and header of the writing page.

Special specification customization: Commonly used notepad custom inner page specifications are divided into A4 (210 × 290mm) 16K (188 * 258mm) 20k (175 × 225mm) 32k (142 * 208mm) 48k (95 * 175mm) select common specifications to save costs .

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The above is about notepad custom FAQ, the company or enterprise prepare notepad custom early to notepad custom ways, materials, paper specifications and other aspects to understand in detail, in order to customize in line with the corporate image and corporate culture publicity notepad.

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