Felt Notebook Felt Notepad Custom

Date:Feb 25, 2019

Felt notebook felt Notepad is made of high-quality felt material----made of natural wool, which is machined and bonded by the fluffing characteristics of wool (non-latitude and longitude interlacing), soft and durable, and the recovery rate is up to 100%, it is environmentally friendly; it has both practical functions and beautiful appearance.

Advocating low-key luxury, high-profile taste today; we strive to create a low-carbon environmental environment. 

Simple felt cloth In the clever design and original design of the designer, the felt notebook is customized to create a modern urban fashion style, which gives the simple life a colorful and youthful vibrancy.

For felt, styling is the most natural thing. This material, which has become a good partner of human beings in the nomadic era, is not only strong and light, but because of its unique elemental structure, its outline is surprisingly simple and neat, and it has evolved so much for postmodernism that it wants to return to humanity. Said that there is a natural charm.

Felt is very design style. As the cutter shapes the felt into the bags, wallets, cell phone cases and so on we want. Modern simplicity, the pursuit of fashion and trend, practical and both. 

Felt book Retro style diary felt notebook mark with paper and felt Customizable book felt note book

Whether it is a gift from friends and relatives, or a meeting gift or business gift, it is the best choice. It shows a refined and elegant, simple and luxurious life.

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