Five Characteristics To Be Mastered In Cosmetic Packaging Design

Date:Aug 20, 2018

Cultural characteristics

In a broad sense, culture includes things at the material level, as well as things at the spiritual level. In a narrow sense, culture mainly refers to things at the spiritual level, such as philosophy, religion, art, morality, and the spirit of partial materialization, such as interests, institutions, and behaviors. The design of modern cosmetic packaging has the cultural characteristics of the corresponding market, and it is the embodiment of local people's values, ethics, living habits and aesthetic concepts.

Brand identity

Brand is the intangible sum of trademark, name, packaging price, history, reputation, symbol, and advertising style. It is a comprehensive concept. The packaging box is one of the important carriers of the brand image. The trademarks, iconic patterns and unique visual language of the products make it easy for consumers to generate associations, which makes them have the impulse to repeat purchases. Faced with the same price and competitive products of the same quality, consumers will generate brand loyalty consumption due to the brand characteristics of cosmetic packaging design.


Green feature

While the industrial revolution has made the economy grow at a high speed, it has also caused the rapid reduction of ecological resources and severely polluted and destroyed the living environment of human beings, which has aroused widespread concern in the whole society. Nowadays people are increasingly aware of the environment, and they are increasingly aware of the urgency of environmental issues and the importance of green packaging. We should also pay attention to this in the design of cosmetic packaging boxes.

Interactive feature

A good box design focuses on the interaction between the consumer and the product. Consumers rely on the spread of design to generate interactive emotional dependence on products, such as the design of a lot of cosmetic packaging, constantly changing the image of the most fashionable image spokesperson in the original basic pattern, and continuously conveying to the young consumers who pursue fashion. The most cutting-edge information concept to meet the emotional needs of consumers of a certain age group.

Humanized features

According to the study of ergonomics, a certain balance and coordination relationship between the human body and the object is required. The cosmetic packaging design must conform to the human-machine function, and it is comfortable, convenient and safe to use under the premise of satisfying its basic performance. Therefore, "a good designer is definitely a savvy psychologist."

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