Flexo Printing Technology In The Packaging Industry

Date:Sep 18, 2017

Recently, Europe and the United States continue to reiterate the tax exemption, low tax concessions, but these policies, used to determine the size of the amount of relief is the use of raw materials packaging is safe or not the use of renewable recycling packaging materials. In this way to control the packaging material to achieve the effect of environmental protection, and even do not allow the import of non-environmentally friendly packaging products.

Flexo printing technology as one of the key prints in the world of packaging and printing. In the overseas flexographic printing technology has developed rapidly, and the advantages of background improvement is extremely strong. US packaging materials in the printing, flexographic printing to 70% of the country, the European market also accounted for 45% of the position. And still in development. Flexo printed in the packaging industry in the field of printing market has been far more than India and gravure.

In the United States, because of this situation, the national call this printing technology packaging printing. Known as "the best and most promising form of printing on earth." The latest data show that more than 90% of overseas corrugated cardboard printing is printed on the flexo machine. US packaging and printing industry flexo accounted for about 90 billion US dollars, Canada is estimated to 2.5%, 20 billion US dollars or so.

Flexographic printing in the pre-press floor production, supply forms and printing methods, etc., focused on the flat, concave, embossed three printing process of the unique place, printing 150 lines, 6-8 color or more color printing products appropriate.

Ink layer thickness is an important part of the print, the product can be a layer of thickness, colorful unique place, and packaging and printing requirements are very match.

The flexo printing is the best way for low-cost and high quality corrugated carton packaging printing:

1, exactly the same precision printing precision printing;

2, bulk to undertake a variety of orders;

3, light capitalization, defective products rarely;

4, a thin piece of molding, no effect volume;

5, low-cost for a single very fast;

6, the process flow and ease of operation;

7, high capacity, high return;

8, environmental protection and energy conservation, carton upgrading with technical support.

So far, a set of buns loaded carton plate sales in general between RMB4,000 to RMB8,000. Flexo printing plate using flexographic laser digital natural resin format, the precision printing plate printing has been greatly improved, to avoid color, form  a perfect three-dimensional impression. Use thickness of 3.94mm natural resin version for printing, the cost of flexo printing plate is RMB0.093 to RMB0.16 per square centimeter.

The technology of the printing industry is becoming more and more mature with the development of science and technology, and our Guangzhou Minglai Packaging constantly exploring to learn more excellent printing technology. We can bring you, must be more perfect works of art!

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