Foldable Paper Boxes For Wine Bottle

Date:Mar 19, 2020

Since the wine is given as a gift, it has a high level of craftsmanship both in design and production. If the wine box is printed separately, the process can be divided into many types. There are ordinary printing , Bronzing printing, etc.

Surface printing process of wine box packaging:

Ordinary printing process, which includes two modes of four-color printing and monochrome printing. This is the most common printing method. 

It should be noted that the document must be converted to CMYK mode when designing. There will not be too many chromatic aberrations during the line drawing. This printing process is commonly used in low-end wine box packaging.

Special gloss printing process, including metallic gloss printing, pearlescent printing, refractive printing, etc., with metallic gloss printing as a column. 

The general method is to use aluminum foil metal composite paper with a more transparent ink and to print on wine box packaging Creates a distinctive metallic gloss effect.

Foldable Paper Boxes For Wine Bottle

Foldable Luxury Paper Boxes For Wine Bottle

Special process, in addition to these conventional printing processes, customers often need other more expressive display methods, so in response to these special requirements, the majority of printing and packaging factories have developed hot stamping, UV, Embossing, embossing, matte and so on.

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