Folding Box Packaging For Garment

Date:Jul 12, 2019

Recently, some clothing companies that took the brand route, in the custom packaging of cartons, abandoned the original plastic bags, the world of the box, turned to the folding box, once became the custom packaging of the current clothes packaging.

Good environmental performance. The clothes folding box is made of different plastic bags. It is natural, green and environmentally friendly, and will not endanger personal health. 

At the same time, the difficulty and cost of waste disposal and the requirements of circular economy are the only way to advocate green development.

Low cost. The hardboard world cover box is similar to the folding box material. It can also be used as a clothes box according to the reason. Why does this balance mean that it is biased towards the folding box?

It is undeniable that the hard-board cover box has high strength, and it can also be decorated with packaging to achieve the purpose of beautifying the clothes box, which provokes the consumer's desire to purchase, but the fixed cover box cannot be folded on the one hand, and additional transportation must be added. Costs, such as shipping and storage costs;

On the other hand, most of the world's cover boxes need to be hand-made, and the output will be less, which can't meet the needs of mass production.

custom printed boxes for clothescustom packaging for shoe

Strong protection. The box has certain protection for the product. However, in contrast to plastic bags, the folding box can be used to fix the product and avoid deformation. 

In addition, the clothes folding box can also protect against moisture, water and odor.

Good publicity effect. The garment folding packaging box has strong surface printing, and can be adapted to letterpress packaging printing, lithographic printing, gravure printing, photo-engraving or pattern printing, and can also add some printing processes such as bronzing, UV, and convex printing to improve the quality of clothes packaging. Conducive to product promotion and marketing.

High convenience. The folding of the clothes is very convenient, and it can be opened with a single pull. In addition, because the size is not large, it does not occupy space, and it is very convenient to carry.

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