Folding Carton Type And Structural Features

Date:Nov 30, 2018

The folding carton usually has a thin and anti-folding paperboard (thickness of 0.3-1.1 mm) which is cut and indented, folded and combined, and transported and stored in a flat shape before being loaded into the product. The advantage of this type of carton is that it has low cost and circulation cost, is suitable for large and medium batch production, and has many structural changes, but its strength is low.

Folding carton can be divided into: tubular folding carton, disc folding carton, tube disc folding carton, non-tube non-disc folding carton, among which tubular and disc folding carton applications are most common.


Tubular folding carton

The tubular folding carton means that the carton lid has the smallest area among the box faces, and the carton is generally small in size, and has the advantages of convenient loading of the contents and unsuitable opening of the lid. The box of the tubular folding carton is rotated by an angle of each of the two adjacent body plates (ie, the height dimension indentation line), and each body plate (ie, the non-cover plate and the non-floor plate) is rotated by a certain angle. forming.

A common tubular folding carton, such as a toothpaste box, has a simple side of the box body, and structural changes mainly occur on the flaps of the lid and the bottom of the box. The cover generally has the form of plug-in, plug-in type, lock type, plug-in type, continuous flap-folding type, adhesive sealing type, and positive sealing type. The bottom of the box has a lock bottom type, a self-locking bottom type, and a partition wall. 

Disc folding carton

A disc-folding carton is a carton that has a relatively small carton height and a large load-bearing area at the bottom of the carton (compared to a tubular folding carton). After the carton is opened, the range of observable contents is large, which is beneficial for consumers to select and purchase. This type of carton is mainly used for the packaging of shoes, hats, clothing, food and gifts.

The most common disc-folding carton, such as shoe box, the main cover structure is covered, rocker, drawer, plug-in, lock, etc. The box is formed by folding the side and side locks. Combine and box corners to bond 3 kinds.

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