Folding Gift Box Making Process

Date:Sep 11, 2018

As a concentrated expression of the added value of modern social goods, folding cartons are increasingly used in the outer packaging of goods. On the one hand, the folding gift box has a certain shape and hardness, which can largely protect the goods; on the other hand, the delicate folding carton is a direct reflection of the value of the goods, reflecting the quality of the goods and attracting consumers. Eyes. So how do you make a folding carton, what are the precautions in the production process?

To make a folding carton, follow these steps:

Specifications color. According to the positioning and size of the product, determine what color should be used, what kind of pattern to use, what size to use, these factors need to be determined in the early design stage, which is a prerequisite for making folding carton, according to the goods Features to determine the design of the folding carton.


Material selection. What kind of material is chosen is very important for the quality appearance of the folding carton. At present, the most commonly used wrapping paper in the market is mainly dumb copper and double copper paper, the basic number is less than 200 grams, because the paper is too thick, the folding paper The surface of the box will be easier to wrinkle and foam, while the crepe paper will generally choose gray cardboard. The so-called wrapping paper is the paper that needs to be printed and packaged on the outside of the folding carton, and the crepe paper is the paper inside the folding carton, which is generally not printed and decorated.

Surface treatment. Surface treatment is the most important part of the folding carton making process, which is directly related to the appearance and texture of the folding carton. Printing a folding carton requires a high process, no chromatic aberration, and no excess ink on the surface, which is the basis for laying the appearance.


After the die cut. Die cut is also used to pass the knife mold to facilitate the formation of the carton behind. After the  die cut is finished, it is a hand-made enamel. It must follow the order of the first  die cut, because it is not easy to scratch the carton when the sputum is placed behind, and keep the original appearance of the folding carton.

Post processing. After all the production process is finished, the folding carton has been formed and has a certain degree of aesthetics, but this only has the basic use value, and its ornamental value and product value-added function need to be post-processed. With some simple embellishments, the folding carton can be more value-added, helping to sell goods better and faster.

Making a folding carton is actually a process of creating beauty. In the process, it is necessary to carefully select the basic components of the folding carton, and carefully decorate the folding carton for beautification. When we notice the above five steps, strictly follow the steps, and make appropriate innovations, it will give a new life and value to a piece of ordinary paper.

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