Four Characteristics Of Color Box Packaging Design

Date:Mar 14, 2019

The characteristics of color box packaging design are mainly reflected in practicality, aesthetics, economy, originality and relevance.

Practicality is one of the basic attributes of design. It mainly considers the function and function of the product, and is expressed through the materials, structures, shapes and patterns of the package. The functions and functions of the products are different, and the requirements for the practicality of the packaging design are also different. 

Therefore, the design of the color box packaging needs to be packaged according to the needs of different products, not only the appearance of the color box, but also the quality of the color box.

The aesthetic requirements combine various factors to design packaging products that are consistent with the characteristics of the times, national characteristics, and aesthetics. 

The main purpose of product packaging design is to establish a good image for the product to achieve the purpose of sales. Therefore, its aesthetics is one of the packaging design requirements that the color box packaging design must follow.

Economics means maximizing product outcomes with the least amount of interest. It is a mistake that many merchants often make when packaging products. They simply think that the product's gorgeous surface does not know that excessive packaging will not only affect product sales, but also increase high expenses, which is not conducive to the operation of the company.

Originality requires a unique ingenuity, and does not deviate from the new wave of society. The ordinary shape of the surface contains new ideas. Not only packaging, but also every piece of design must be original, which is the inevitable rule of survival in today's fiercely competitive market. 

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A lot of color box packaging has emerged in the market, and in order to be in a favorable position in the fierce competition, it is necessary to make its color box packaging unique.

The above is for the analysis of the four characteristics of the color box packaging design. These four characteristics have their own independence and are related to each other, which has important guiding significance for the design of color box packaging. Therefore, it is necessary to make full consideration when designing the color box packaging.

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