Four Major Development Trends In The Packaging And Printing Industry

Date:Jul 13, 2018

As the industry pressures intensify, the packaging and printing industry is also facing problems such as industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading.

Personalization and short orders will gradually increase market share

Due to differences in individual needs and consumption habits, the individualized demand for packaging and printing will increase. Similar products such as fast-moving products, agricultural and sideline products, etc., due to the product's own requirements for freshness and transportation distance, will generate more short orders and urgent orders.

This new form is a new challenge for every aspect of printing, but it is also a new opportunity. In addition, the rapid development of digital printing technology has also contributed to this demand.

Packaging function upgrade

By assigning variable information codes to the packaging, electronic labeling, smart labeling, and new material applications can be used for quality safety supervision, logistics inquiry and traceability; the variable information code can also make the package have a unique identity card, and Integration into the Internet of Things and big data makes network management possible.

The realization of intelligent packaging can make information transparent, help customers to understand the relevant information of the products they purchase, and facilitate the promotion of the company and its products. At present, there are many novel technologies in the industry, such as smart tags that are used for real-time monitoring functions on perishable items.

Packaging design innovation

Through the automation, digitization, intelligence and informationization of the paper packaging processing technology, the packaging quality is improved, the function is improved, and the cost is optimized to meet various packaging requirements. Many packaging and printing companies have established their own design and development centers to increase investment in design innovation capabilities such as product structure and appearance.

Environmental protection, sustainable development become a trend

In the process of packaging and printing, wastes discharged into air, water and land are increasingly attracting the attention of government, society and packaging and printing practitioners. Sewage charges have been introduced in various places. These standards and laws and regulations can help and guide packaging and printing enterprises to pursue a sustainable development path.

Of course, this is a huge challenge for packaging and printing enterprises, and it will create new opportunities for its transformation and upgrading.

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