Hand To Teach You Deal With Frequent Printing Problems --Section 3 Pre-press Questions

- Jul 07, 2017-

Section 3 Pre-press questions

Based on years of experience in printing, we would like to say pre-press technology is really very important, if not deal with prepress problems, it can not go to print high-quality printing products, I would like to state here about the problems which we need to pay attention.


1.  The printing contents should be arranged from the cutting line at least 3MM above, to avoid the words to be cut, this is bleed we usually called.


2.  Designed documents should be converted the text to path to avoid texts loss  or be messy code due to can't find the font when output plate making.


3.  When you enter text, please do not use the system word, as it will cause the stroke staggered with a white node. When you change the font into a curve and magnifying observation, if found white node in the text’s staggered cross-section that is mean a system word or a font can’t use for printing, then you need to switch to other fonts.


4.  Avoid printing the words after typing at PHOTOSHOP and software and bitmap type, as the bitmap text printing will appear different degrees of fuzzy.