Function Of Packaging

Date:Nov 21, 2018

Packaging functions and usage generally have two meanings:

1. Containers, materials and auxiliary items for packaging goods, that is, packaging materials.

2. About the implementation of technical activities such as dressing, sealing and dressing.


Inner packaging:

Plastic bags: American wire generally requires heat sealing, and the material is high-pressure PE material; PP material is not allowed unless the customer has specified requirements.

OPP bag: good transparency, but brittle, easy to break, mostly used for packaging of gifts and other products.

Color box: divided into two kinds of corrugated box and no corrugated box.

Ordinary brown corrugated box: commonly used is a 3-layer corrugated box and a 5-layer corrugated box. After the product is packaged, it is generally sealed with a transparent tape.

Display boxes: There are many types, mainly including color display boxes, display boxes with PVC covers, etc., through which the products in the package can be visually seen.

Gift box: It is mostly used for the packaging of jewelry, gift jewelry, stationery and other products.

Medium packaging:

There are mainly plastic bags and corrugated boxes. The main types of corrugated boxes are FOL, TUCK TOP BOX, etc.

Outer packaging:There are mainly corrugated boxes and color boxes.

Minglai Packaging specializes in the production of various types of color box packaging and self-adhesive labels, in the cosmetics, household washing products, medicines and health products, food and beverage, electronic appliances and gift packaging and other industries have extensive cooperation.

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