Future Trends In Packaging Design

Date:Sep 29, 2017

Although there is no clear formula to guide the product packaging, but there are several trends can be seen: in the packaging design, we must seize the people's attention. By considering the cutting-edge packaging design of your products, your customers will not only look at your company's proficient in modern design, forward-looking thinking, but also tend to buy your products.


An excellent packaging design concept had below 3 characteristics:

1)  Sustainable packaging

When a product can be re-use or recycled material, sustainable or "green" packaging still has a long way to go.

At present, "green" packaging has the following trends:

Biodegradable and renewable materials: Many cities are carrying out composting programs to encourage residents to compost in their own backyard. Compostable plastics, usually made of renewable resources such as corn, are increasingly popular.

Non-toxic materials: Consumers want to know that your packaging does not use harmful chemicals or dyes.

Energy saving: This may mean less energy, or choose to use renewable energy, such as solar panels.

Less packaging materials: Eliminate waste, save transportation costs, and reduce the amount used in the production process.

Water efficiency: Reduced waste water in production, such as through repeated use, is an important part of today's green packaging.

The popularity of sustainable packaging means the use of sustainable technologies that can attract environmentally conscious consumers.


Of course, sustainable development must take into account the function and price. Sun's chip from the beginning of 2010, its packaging uses biodegradable plastic bags, as there have been quality problems that have led to consumer complaints and sales losses. Customers want to buy environmentally friendly products, but not at the expense of quality, cost and convenience.


2)  Customized packaging

The key to getting the best custom packaging is the powerful communication between suppliers, designers and customers.

In today's world, suppliers and designers work together to enable designers to communicate clearly what customers need, with suppliers about the latest packaging technology, the information flow makes customers benefit.

Well-designed, sustainable custom packaging can maximize the impact of your company's image and your customers' interest in the product. Development of packaging design, stand out from the competitors, emphasizing the uniqueness of the brand.


3)  Simplify packaging

Today, the company is turning to simple. Streamlined packaging design, so that customers see all the information they need to know the information looks at a glance. Extra words and pictures are past things.

The packaging design below is characterized by the simplicity of the design

Color: adhere to one or two colors, covering most of the packaging design.

Font: Use clean, clear font.

Text: Moderate use of the text, leaving enough blank to attract the attention of consumers.

Image: Stick to a clean, vivid logo, drawing or photo or choose no image, and let the packaging speak itself.


Cutting-edge packaging design three key points, sustainable development and innovation, environmental protection technology production packaging, let the market know your company is synchronized with the latest environmental protection issues. Customize your sustainable packaging design to remind you of the company's uniqueness and functionality. In your packaging design simply use less dyes and less material to produce environmentally friendly and sustainable products. So that companies from the many competitors come to the fore, and strengthen the company's image sustainable development.

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