Gift Box Laminating Process Introduction

Date:Nov 19, 2018

The gift box is a high-grade printed product. The processing of the finished product begins with the design and requires a lot of energy. Designers need to constantly think about materials, shapes, crafts, functions, etc. How can we make the gift box design more graded, more marketable and attractive, and how to make the color of the gift box on the printing More pure, brighter colors, or more uniform colors, production workers are constantly trying to make the gift box more perfect, hand-made more detailed, all employees are working hard on how to do the gift box packaging.

Briefly introduce the laminating process of the general gift box:

Gross Lamination, Matt Lamination is the most basic process.Laminating, also known as "over-plastic", "tank", "film", etc., refers to the effect of applying a transparent plastic film to the surface of a printed matter by heat pressing to protect and increase the gloss.

The film has been widely used for the surface decoration and protection of book covers, albums, commemorative albums, postcards, product brochures, calendars and maps.

At present, common film packaging products include cartons, cartons, handbags, fertilizer bags, seed bags, and self-adhesive labels.

As long as the face paper of the gift box adopts the printing paper, the film needs to be coated, and on the one hand, the product grade is improved on the one hand, and the two can improve the pressure resistance and the resistance and wear resistance of the product.

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