Gift Box Material Selection Tips

Date:Dec 19, 2017

Gifts as an important means of interpersonal communication, aroused people's attention, set off a boom in the market. Since it is as a gift, its packaging design is an important indicator of gift quality. So more beautiful gift box into the market, but also expanded the use of gift wrap, for holiday gifts, home visits, the company benefits, etc., gift boxes and more for the highlights, quality, collection and so on. No matter what the application, gift packaging design of the material can not be ignored.


Material selection is to reflect the quality of gift box products one of the important elements. The most commonly used gift boxes in our life are paper boxes, wooden boxes, leather boxes, plastic boxes and metal boxes, all of which are suitable for business gift boxes and personal gift boxes. Let's analyze the gift box's paper, wood and leather packaging materials.


First-- the gift box of paper packaging materials


If you want to reflect the high-end gifts and valuables, the best choice of thick materials and high strength cartons. There are two general categories of materials: corrugated and compressed cardboard. Gift packaging due to be beautifully printed, it is recommended to use E corrugated ultra-thin corrugated cardboard packaging, the thickness control in 1mm-2mm, box-shaped folded using the opposite sex tray, E-type corrugated rigid strength is good, And suitable for beautiful printing. There are also other micro-corrugated cardboard such as FGH can be.


Second-- the gift box of wood packaging materials


Higher gifts feel more soft wood, there are grades. Can consider the choice of solid wood, both environmentally friendly and beautiful, but also outstanding grades. Such as the common wooden jewelry box. More elegant wooden jewelry box, elegant temperament for women to use. Generally divided into mahogany jewelry boxes, pine jewelry boxes, oak wood jewelry boxes, mahogany jewelry boxes, the most distinctive is catalpa wood products. Catalpa wood is walnut, because of slow growth, its fine pattern, strong texture. A representative of the ethnic crafts such as European-style pine box jewelry. There are such as high-gloss paint jewelry boxes, metal jewelry boxes, paper jewelry boxes.


Third --the gift box of leather packaging materials


Take the jewelry box, the gift box cortical jewelry box generally combined with the fashion design elements, in the flavor of the times filled with a rich modern flavor. Generally divided crocodile pattern leather jewelry box, plain leather jewelry box, pearl leather jewelry box. Gift boxes such as Lavi's large S crocodile pattern leather jewelry box, Pandora plain leather jewelry box and two-ear pearl jewelry box is more representative.


According to the above paper, wood, leather gift box material analysis, everyone in the selection of gift boxes can be based on these details of the above problems, according to the selection of gift boxes to pick the most suitable gift box.


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